Our Speakers

Omar Vazquez

CEO de BlueGreen Mexico,
Inventor y CEO de SargaBlock

Meet Omar Vazquez. After thirty years in California, this Jalisco native created the Blue-Green agricultural cooperative to fulfill his dreams back home here in Mexico. He now turns the dreaded sargassum into literally building blocks for constructing homes. Connect with the man raising social and environmental awareness along the Caribbean beaches of Mexico on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.

Cassandra Montaudon

Creative Director of Development
Tierras Nativas

Meet Cassandra Montaudon. Driving by curiosity, she landed on an opportunity that has not only changed her life but the lives of others. From what was just a journey to learn, connect with the Development Director of Tierras Nativas and be a part of the community on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.

Angela Frances Warrior

Founder and President of We Love the Sea Marine Biology School for Kids

Meet Angela Francess Warrior. She’s a marine biologist from the UK but works to save the seas all around the world. She leads children with fun relationship building activities that bring them and our future into cleaner, kinder hands. Connect with  the warrior protecting what we love on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.

Luis Alberto Martin del Campo

Founder of Kala Institute

Meet Luis Alberto Martin del Campo. He is a champion for human potential and a new cultural narrative from the coffee we intake to the way we run businesses, he also works with Regenerative Cultures. Connect with the author of The Dream of Mexico in 2034: the path to building global prosperity, on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.

Javier Resendiz
Fernandez de Lara

Graphic Designer and Photographer
Bicycle enthusiast / Co-Founder of Bicineta

Meet Javier Resendiz Fernandez de Lara. For him, Bicycles not only carry utility but carry great promise for the future ahead. He is an advocate within cities around the world and documents the joy of riding from an urban perspective for all to see. Cruise into a new world and connect with this vision on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.

Han Young-Jun

CEO of NGO Cointree

Meet Han Young-Jun. He went from asking for money on the streets of Korea to building and operating multiple schools and libraries all across the world. From Bolivia to Sri Lanka and even here in Mexico, connect with the Author of “unconditionally Happy” on January 13th 2022 at TedxZazilHa.